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At Mooving we are committed to delivering excellence and high quality in our products. During the product development process we prioritize long-lasting and premium quality materials, and we implement the best design, guaranteeing customer trust when choosing our products.


General Conditions

If you have any problem with a product, you can exchange it at the stationery store where you bought it with the corresponding bill.

If you cannote make the exchange at the stationery store, you can contact us at attaching a picture and/or video in order to verify the product defect and proceed with the exchange. Upon lack of stock, Mooving offers a compesation in products at the election of the customer, considering the list price of the product at issue.

Planners guarantee

Our planners have a guarantee during the year thereof; manufacturing errors as lack of pages and/or repetitions are contemplated.
The planners can contain typos. National and international holidays can be outdated and the official date can differ from the movable holidays. The last days of the month can appear on the cover of the next month due to design and organization matters.

Binder with rings guarantee

Our 3×40 and 2×40 binders have a 1-year guarantee on the binder mechanism. This means that the rings must remain fixed to the cardboard of the binder during that period.
We recommend opening the rings of the 3×40 binder by the middle ring, since doing it otherwise might damage the closing of the rings. The guarantee does not cover damage due to misuse.

Pencil cases guarantee

All our pencil cases have a 6-month guarantee. The guarantee covers the sewing of the zippers and of the elastics used to hold supplies.
We recommend respecting the capacity of the pencil box in order no to damage the central zipper and use the supplies, roller gel and pen holders in order no to damage the elastics.

Backpacks guarantee

All our backpacks have a 1-year guarantee, which contemplates zippers and the seams of the straps.
We recommend respecting the capacity suggested on each backpack.

Coloring guarantee

Our Seriuos Coloring line undergoes ink tests to guarantee the durability informed on the packaging.
The guarantee contemplates manufacturing faults, such as: tip without ink or white ink, ink or lead of a different color, faults on the lid that prevent proper closing, wood breakage on pencils, uneven stroke. Ink and body colors can have a minimum variation.