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High-performance chisel tip.

Bright and long-lasting colors.

Triangular shaped body for a more comfortable grip.

German ink.

Colors to highlight your ideas

Special highlighters

  • High-performance chisel tip.
  • Water-based liquid glitter ink.
  • Pumping system for ink release.
  • Scented gel crayon: lemon, strawberry, orange and apple.
  • Soft stroke, does not bleed through paper.
  • Washable ink, can be removed from any surface with warm water.
  • Can be left uncovered without drying out.
  • High-performance double chisel tip.
  • German ink.
  • Intense long-lasting colors, 100+ meters writing lenght in each color.
  • 5 highlighters, 10 colors.
  • High-performance double chisel tip.
  • 4 neon and 4 pastel colors.
  • Intense long-lasting colors, 150+ meters writing lenght in each color.